Gustav Klimt - Modernism in the Making

15 Jun 2001 - ?

Vienna's vibrant cultural climate at the turn of the 20th century owes much of its fame to Gustav Klimt. As the driving force behind art nouveau, a decorative art movement characterized by colourful and fanciful elements rich with symbolism, Klimt was a painter of beauty, of life, of sensuality, of hope. The National Gallery of Canada has organized a major retrospective, bringing together, for the first time in North America, many of Klimt's greatest masterpieces. Gustav Klimt: Modernism in the Making is an exceptional exhibition of 34 paintings and 87 drawings, and includes his famous portraits, landscapes and allegories. It is on view from 15 June to 16 September 2001 at the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa - the exhibition's only venue.