Embellishing Architecture: Italian drawings of architectural decorations and ornaments (1550-1800)

08 Sep 2011 - 02 Jan 2012

Gallery C202b

This installation investigates the different ways Early Modern Italian artists engaged with architectural design through the creation –on paper– of ornamental and decorative motifs. It showcases a selection of drawings from our collection that explores artists’ treatment of sacred and secular interior spaces by means of illusionistic decoration and three-dimensional ornamentation. Together, these original designs on paper articulate the importance of drawing not only as a medium of expression but primarily as an integral part of the conceptual and representational processes of ornamental and decorative architectural design.

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada.

Lelio Orsi<br /><em>Design for Interior Wall Decoration with Three Figures</em>(detail) c. 1560-1565<br />Purchased 1956<br />National Gallery of Canada

Lelio Orsi
Design for Interior Wall Decoration with Three Figures(detail) c. 1560-1565
Purchased 1956
National Gallery of Canada