A Beautiful and Gracious Manner: The Art of Parmigianino

03 Oct 2003 - 04 Jan 2004

On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the birth of Parmigianino (Gerolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola, Parma 1503), the National Gallery of Canada is proud to present an exceptional exhibition celebrating this Master of the Italian Renaissance, on view in Ottawa from 3 October 2003 to 4 January 2004. A Beautiful and Gracious Manner: The Art of Parmigianino assembles some 60 of the artist’s most important drawings, as well as his pioneering prints and intimate paintings, on loan from around the world. The superb exhibition, organized and circulated by the National Gallery of Canada, and featuring four works from the museum’s own collection, gives viewers a unique opportunity to study the creative genius behind one of the founders of European Mannerism. This remarkable exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Parmalat, a global dairy company that also claims Parma as its birthplace. Influenced by the works the great Correggio, and credited with being the spiritual embodiment of another Renaissance Master, Raphael, Parmigianino would eventually emerge to develop his own personal Mannerist style. Indeed, his masterful, sensuous and elegant figure drawings would inspire contemporaries and influence the next generation of Italian and European artists.