Imprints: Photographs by Michel Campeau, Marlene Creates, Lorraine Gilbert, Sarah Anne Johnson, and Sylvie Readman, from the Collection

25 Nov 2005 - 23 Apr 2006

These 19 recent acquisitions explore the rich subject of nature and its forces as they intersect with the human world. The installation presents eclectic and extremely personal works that combine striking beauty with themes that have resonance for our time. Marlene Creates and Michel Campeau seem to be searching for a point of fusion between individuals and their surroundings, a merging through time and the passage of the seasons that is demonstrated in the constant renewal of plant life. Lorraine Gilbert and Sarah Anne Johnson redefine the connections between nature and culture: in their photographs, nature is as much a human construct as are works of art. Sylvie Readman investigates the medium of photography and its transcription of natural motifs through a bold juxtaposition of fragments of images. Organized and presented by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.