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Current Supporting Friends

The Gallery is pleased to acknowledge the generosity of the following Supporting Friends, who made a donation between March 1 2012 and March 31 2013 inclusively.


$825 - $999

The McCullough Family

Ian Pringle


$575 - $824

Dr. Charles Agbi and Jane Mulvihill

Sylvie Bélisle

Judith Burrows

Dr. Conrad and Dr. Christine Cripps

Francine Cyr

B.H. Davidson M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Drache, C.M., Q.C.

Regent Gagnon and Nina Frid
Sandra Hoffman

Marilyn Jenkins

Garrie B. Joyce

Anatol and Cheslava Kark

Laura Kavoliunas

Laurence Kempffer

Joan and Bruce Mann

Peter and Chloe McLellan

Graham and Mary Mitchell

Denise Ouellette

Dr. Ralph and Dr. Eileen Overend

Robert and Sharon Redhead

Sheridan Scott and David Zussman

Kari and Peter Williams

One Anonymous Donor



$325 - $574

Monsieur Jacques Alleyn

Karen E. Anderssen and George Cwynar

Elizabeth Anfield and Dr. R. Thomas Baker

Margaret H. Back

Mary-Anne Ball

Jacqueline and Richard Ballhorn

John Bennett

Mort and Nancy Bercovitch

Jeanne Bergevin-Vollebekk

P. Bérubé

Lynne Blair

Jean-Guy Bourgeois

Lars and Satya Brink

Gregory & Charlotte Conway

Monsieur Michel Coulombe et Madame Aline G. Coulombe

Robert Cowley

Elizabeth Deavy

Madeleine Deneault

Pauline Dodds

Simon Dorval

Mrs. Beatrice Dugas

David Elden

John and Pamela Engeland

Jill Ferrier-Scott and Mark Scott

Paul Fiser

Sheila Forsyth

Linda and James Frangos

Fred and Helen Gault

Lynn Griffiths
Suzanne Gumpert

Jean Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hanson

Docteur Peter Harrison et Madame Christine Duverger-Harrison

Gerald Kelly and Karen Hecks

Anne W. Hewat

John Hilborn and Elisabeth Van Wagner

Catherine A. Hollands

Barbara Humenny

Lawson Hunter

Dr. Greg Huyer

Janet Ingall

Zachary and Janet Jacobson

Carolyn Violet Jakes

Dace Johanson

Andrea Jones

Joan S. Kellett

Jacques La Rochelle et Francine Doyon

Lisette Lafontaine

David Lafranchise

Francine Lanciault

Manon Landry

Gerard A. Lavelle

Suzanne Leclaire

Daniel Limoges

Peter J. Litwin

Peter Liu and Elaine Wang

Monique Lussier

Hubert Lussier et Andrea Martinez

Loris Racine et Carol Lutes Racine

Jo-Ann MacDonald

Rod MacLennan

Sharon Margison

John and Ellen McLeod

Dr. Simon McCall

Dr. and Mrs. J.D. Miller

C.C.I. Leadership Institute

Margaret Tallmire-Montgomery

Jennifer Moore and Nick Close

Natarajan Neelakantan and Christianne Gareau

Dr. Christine Nestruck

Commander G. Ross Nield

Mr. and Mrs. P.K. Pal
Arthur Palmer

Flora E. Patterson

Melinda Phelan

Nicole Plamondon

Lynne Ree

Merle Reid

Ms. Ann Kerby and Dr. Donald C. Savage

John and Margaret Scratch

Jean and Lawrence Seasons

Olga and Richard Sheffchick

Robert and Sally Short

Ann P. Stenson

Maître Marie St-Jean Masse

Melissa and Matthew Thurston

Rona Tietolman

Lynne Tyler and Joan Riggs

Barbara Uteck and Graham Fraser

Jean and Richard van Loon

Madame Louise Vanasse

Christine and Richard Walter
Mr. Stephen Wells

David and Marcella Winship
Milton and Fei Wong

Yvonne Ying

12 Anonymous Donors


All donor lists are reviewed for accuracy. If you have any corrections or concerns, please contact us at 613.990.1298