Michael Snow
Clothed Woman (In Memory of my Father) 1963
oil and lucite on canvas
152 x 386.2 cm
Purchased 1966
National Gallery of Canada

The Tradition Continues: 12,000 bulbs light up the National Gallery of Canada

Ottawa - December 5, 2006

This evening, the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Canada will be illuminated by the 12,000 lights on its magnificent Christmas tree, thanks to partnerships with the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) Ottawa and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Turning on the Christmas tree lights has been a tradition at the Gallery since 1988.

On the same occasion, the National Gallery of Canada Foundation, with many of its generous patrons in attendance, will unveil its new interactive Donor Wall, recognizing the Gallery’s annual partners and donors. The Wall’s design was made possible by a technology developed by X2O Media of Montreal.

"I would like to thank the Foundation and its partners for their efforts in pursuing a Christmas tradition so important to the Gallery and its visitors alike," commented Pierre Théberge, Director of the National Gallery of Canada." I would also like to take this opportunity to underline the achievement of X2O in the realization of the interactive Donor Wall."

“The Foundation is privileged to have such a loyal group of patrons,” said Foundation President and CEO Marie Claire Morin. “We are very grateful for their support, which allows the Gallery to carry out numerous projects and essential activities. I am also delighted to have this opportunity to thank X2O Media for their outstanding work and support throughout the development of the interactive Donor Wall, as well as the ECAO and the IBEW, which agreed to sponsor the Gallery’s Christmas tree project for the second year in a row.”

With the interactive Donor Wall, the Foundation is completing the final phase of a series of projects initiated for the Gallery’s 125th anniversary to honour the many patrons and collaborators who have demonstrated their commitment to the National Gallery of Canada since its creation.

About X2O Media
X2O Media is a full-service provider of technology and services for digital signage, as well as creative design services for broadcast graphics and other types of digital content. The company offers content design, management, distribution, monitoring, integration, and support services for digital signage providers. X2O’s award-winning Xpresenter provides unprecedented ease of use coupled with the highest-quality output at a fraction of the time and cost of higher-end solutions. X2O was launched by the founders of VertigoXmedia, Inc., an innovator in the field of broadcast graphics, following VertigoXmedia’s acquisition by Miranda Technologies. More information about X2O Media is available at http://www.x2omedia.com/.

About the Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
The Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa (ECA) represents the interests of approximately 100 member firms who together with the 1200 working members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) construct, maintain and service electrical installations throughout the City of Ottawa and the region. Jointly, our objectives are to promote high standard of skill and competence for the electrical trade, liaison with local government and industry to improve construction and the promotion of education and training programs to advance the skills of the industry’s workplace.

About the National Gallery of Canada Foundation
The National Gallery of Canada Foundation is dedicated to supporting the National Gallery and its affiliate, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, in fulfilling their mandates. By fostering strong partnerships, the Foundation provides the Gallery with the additional financial support required to lead Canada's visual arts community locally, nationally and internationally. The blend of public support and private philanthropy enables the National Gallery of Canada to preserve and interpret Canada's visual arts heritage. The Foundation welcomes present and deferred gifts for special projects and endowments.

About the Christmas Tree
Species                          Spruce
Height                            12.2 m (40 feet)
Diameter                        7.6 m (25 feet)
Age                                27 years
Weight                           1,225 kg (2,700 lb)
Origin                             Sherbrooke, Quebec
Watering                         38-57 L per day (10-15 gallons)
Lights                             12,000
Ornaments                     450 gold and red balls, as well as pine cones
Garlands                        91 m (300 feet) of gold tulle
Installation and Decoration    24 hours
Sponsors                               Electrical Contractors Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers