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“A graphic artist is something of a troubadour; he sings and repeats the same song in every print he makes of his woodcut, copperplate, or lithographic stone. It doesn’t matter much if he loses, spoils, or rips a sheet; there are enough other copies to carry forth his thoughts, and if he runs out, he can print a new set in which every work is just as perfect, original, and complete, as long as the plate is not worn out.” (Escher in Locher, 1992, p. 68)             

Escher’s Techniques

Although he also occasionally produced watercolours and sculptures, Escher was first and foremost a graphic artist. The printmaking methods he used most often were one intaglio technique - Mezzotint, three relief techniques - linocut, wood engraving, and woodcut and one planographic technique - lithography.