Membership coordinators

Membership coordinatorsMembership coordinatorsMembership coordinatorsMembership coordinators

• Creativity
• Ability to work with people and understand what motivates them to give to a museum
• Ability to be persuasive and comfortable in social situations
• Excellent writing and speaking skills
• Knowledge of computer databases

"First of all you need a passion for all aspects of the arts and a very strong desire to share your love of the arts with others. You would benefit from an outgoing personality and a genuine interest in people. Being comfortable speaking to groups and individuals is important. As is the ability to multi-task in a very fast paced working environment. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to listen to Donors and Members is a vital skill for the job."
Mark Trask, Chief, Membership and Annual Giving

“The best part about my job is hearing from members and donors about their special experiences at the National Gallery of Canada. I like knowing about their first dates, or their treasured memories with their family, I like hearing about exhibitions that they have been particularly interested in.”

Mark Trask, Chief, Membership and Annual Giving