• Interpersonal skills and desire to work with people
• Organizational skills and ability to work methodically
• Knowledge of art and art history
• Excellent research skills
• Good computer skills, especially working with databases

"A burning curiosity to know more about art. You need to navigate and master countless different interfaces and search protocols as more resources appear electronically and more services are requested off site. We continue to consult print resources as well. Not everything is available yet on the internet! You must also be able to answer questions in both official languages."
Peter Trepanier, Librarian

“I am always learning something new about art both past and present. The challenge is that there are so many formats in which the information you need can be found: the internet, books, exhibition catalogues, auction catalogues, newspaper clippings, photographs, and DVDs are just some examples. No two questions are ever the same.”

Peter Trepanier, Librarian