• Creativity and flexibility
• Excellent communication skills
• Knowledge of how people learn
• Knowledge of art history and good research skills
• Excellent planning, organization and problem-solving skills
• Ability to share their enthusiasm about art with other people

"Aside from a background in art history, public programming, and program administration (multi-tasking, budget management, computer skills, etc.), you must have a desire to work with the public. You need to be able to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider what is not being discussed, what is missing, what would complete the picture of this exhibition—and then create opportunities for that dialogue to exist "
Katja Canini

“I get a lot of satisfaction from coming up with creative ways to encourage the public to develop links between their lives and the artworks on display. In Education, we do this by promoting careful and thoughtful looking, emphasizing learning through social interaction, encouraging the use of personal experience to interpret artworks, and supporting an inquisitive approach to art appreciation.”

Katja Canini