• Love of language / reading
• Excellent editing and proofreading skills
• Excellent knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling
• Excellent writing skills
• Knowledge of art
• Good skills in organizing and managing projects

"In order to pursue a career as an editor in a gallery, you need a keen eye for detail, an excellent command of the English language, strong grammatical and analytical skills, project management abilities and a good understanding of art history. You also have to be able to work to strict deadlines, as it’s important that material is ready for the opening of an exhibition."
Caroline Wetherilt, Editor, 2009

“There are many rewarding components: continual learning, through art, about politics, religion and social structures in various periods of history; working with curators and authors who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter; and the thrill in unwrapping a beautiful new art catalogue that arrives after months of concentrated team effort”
Lauren Walker, Editor