• Passion for art
• Desire to share the enthusiasm for art with the public
• Excellent research skills
• Excellent communication skills, both in writing and speaking
• Skill in planning, coordinating and managing projects

“Foremost, you have to be passionate about contemporary art. Curating entails being able to make aesthetic and critical judgments about artworks and thinking through the relationships between an artwork’s formal qualities and the work’s significance in terms of its place in the world – its social and political meaning as well as its art historical context.

Strong research and writing skills are paramount in order to convey one’s ideas effectively. It’s also necessary to have excellent organizational skills, be able to multitask, pay high attention to detail, and to approach things with patience and diplomacy. “
Heather Anderson, Assistant Curator, Contemporary Art

“The best aspect of my job is getting to work with an exceptional collection of art works and create exhibitions. I also love being able to help build that collection and support the work of artists.“

Heather Anderson, Conservatrice adjointe, art contemporain