Collection Managers

Collection ManagersCollection ManagersCollection ManagersCollection Managers

• Ability to multi-task and juggle a variety of projects
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
• Knowledge of art
• Ability to meet deadlines and plan a schedule
• Interpersonal skills to communicate with other museum staff
• Strong computer skills

"A constant and rigorous attention to detail is a necessary skill to catalogue works of art, as well as an ability to think analytically to reconcile any inconsistencies with information collected.  Being very organized, having problem solving and multitasking abilities and excellent project and team management and communication skills are equally essential."
Sonya Dumais, Collections Manager

“There is much satisfaction in knowing that what we do in Collections Management is of tremendous value for the overall operations of the Gallery.  The best part of the job is being at the heart of all the collection activity, seeing the bigger picture and understanding how all the activities correlate.  Also, nothing compares to the experience of seeing works up close. “

Sonya Dumais, Collections Manager