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Untitled (one of four diagonals)

Untitled (one of four diagonals),
Sandback, Fred
black elastic cord
182.9 cm


In 1966, while exploring innovative approaches to the making of a line, Sandback produced the first of his line constructions. He once described a line construction as a picture of the voyage of a line in space. It’s a little story about a little line which is once removed from the original line. In these works, Sandback challenged the traditional notion of drawing as a set of autographic or gestural marks. The first line constructions were primarily made of elastic cords and steel rods. Later they were often made of wool or coloured threads. According to Sandback they were co-produced with space, because the line became integrally related with the space. The line constructions and the space around them presented the volume of sculpture without the mass traditionally associated with that art form.