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Hunters who Went Adrift

Hunters who Went Adrift,
Talirunili, Joe
stonecut on laid japan paper
63.3 x 79.3 cm


At the top right a family is sledding across the snow; below that we can recognize the activities of a summer camp on the right and various forms of land travel on the left. Next to the caribou hunt on the far left, hunters in kayaks set off in pursuit of walruses and seals. The final episode at the bottom of the page shows hunters in an umiak on the lookout for marine mammals. The story in Inuktitut characters on the far left tells of one of the tragic events of Talirunili's childhood in which several members of his family and his community lost their lives. “Familes who went adrift used skins to make umiak and kayak, using rocks and materials of the land as fish weir, using Inuit methods of survival.”