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With Reference to Pythagoras

With Reference to Pythagoras,
Saxe, Henry
wood and steel with paint
243.8 x 141.6 x 442 cm installed


With Reference to Pythagoras is a work from the "Instrument Series".

Each sculpture in this series represents an instrument that represents perception. In this work, Saxe uses the carpenter's square (a measuring instrument used in building) as a model but also works like the square in the application of a standard, the right angle. The focus on the square illustrates not only the application of the geometry of a triangle in a sculptural vocabulary, but also the instrument of assemblage.

The right angle of the carpenter's square interprets the familiar triangle of Pythagoras' theorem through elements of structure, material, and space. The Greek geometrician Pythagoras, by declaring that "all is number", suggested the existence of numerical relationships in a wide range of intellectual, scientific, and artistic enquiries.

With Reference to Pythagoras is an encyclopedia of tools, materials and techniques used by the sculptor in his search for interesting visual assemblages.