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Knight on Horseback and Lansquenet

Knight on Horseback and Lansquenet,
c. 1497
Dürer, Albrecht
woodcut on laid paper
38.7 x 28.1 cm


To date there is no known source of inspiration for this print, though the motif of the galloping rider recalls Dürer's famous woodcut The Four Horsemen. Horses are often used in artworks as devices to develop character, plot or context. The depiction of the horse's posture, the flow of its main and tail, its coat, its facial expression can all work together to suggest information about the rider. The horse can make the rider appear as thought he is fierce, fair, elegant, rebellious, a leader, a man of integrity etc... The choice of horse depicted in the image can also be used to flesh out the plot or context of a narrative, a warhorse, workhorse, or racehorse all imply drastically different milieu. In Knight on Horseback and Lansquenet, we see an example how the horse can serve as an emotional accessory to its rider.