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Waterloo Bridge: the Sun in a Fog

Waterloo Bridge: the Sun in a Fog,
Monet, Claude
oil on canvas
73.7 x 100.3 cm


This painting is one of a series of London landscapes. From the balcony of his room, Monet had a sweeping view of the Thames, including a view onto Waterloo Bridge, which became the subject of one of three series produced between 1889 and 1904. He wanted to render the changing nature of the light and the colours that resulted, which means that he had to work for short periods on a series of canvases, all of the same view. He would resume his work when the light and weather conditions were the same as when he had left off. In the end, Monet had to resign himself to completing the final painting back in France in his studio at Giverny.

This is a morning view on the Thames, with the sun trying to burn off the fog on the river. Through the fog we can discern the bridge and its arches. We can also glimpse the sails of two cargo barges on either side of the sun's reflection on the water, and behind the bridge, just barely perceptible, the chimneys of London's industrial district.