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Behind Bonsecours Market, Montreal
Behind Bonsecours Market, Montreal,
Raphael, William
oil on canvas
67.5 x 109.6 cm


This view of the market is like a stage like setting whose buildings and port serve as the background. On the left, some farmers and young children listen to the music of a travelling violinist; nearby, a lady in a beige bonnet has her head turned to look at another group. In the foreground, a boy stretched out with a dog in the shade of a building and another boy who seems to be looking beyond the borders of the painting form a triangular mass. On the right, another character, apparently a farmer, is pushing a wheelbarrow filled with provisions; behind him, two ladies converse with a distinguished gentleman leaning on the railing. The wheelbarrow draws the eye toward the centre of the picture, where we see a man - who may be Raphael himself - carrying a portfolio under his arm.