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Nancy Graves
Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 23 December 1940
Died in New York, New York, 22 October 1995
Steven Sloman Photographer

Nancy Graves

Nancy Graves grew up in the countryside and remembers visiting many art and natural history museums with her family. These childhood experiences had a notable impact on her later work. She received a degree in English Literature from Vassar College and a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Art and Architecture. She was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship in 1965 to study painting in Paris. A year later, she moved to Florence, where she stopped painting and began making sculptures, having been inspired by the works of the eighteenth-century anatomist Susini, who created life-size anatomical forms of humans and animals in wax. In 1966 Graves moved back to the United States and settled in New York.