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David B. Milne
Born in Burgoyne, Ontario, 08 January 1882
Died in Bancroft, Ontario, 26 December 1953
Credit: David Brown Milne / Library and Archives Canada / C-057166

David B. Milne

For David Milne, painter, printmaker, and writer, the process of art and not the content was paramount. His austere work and his pure aesthetic depended on the formulation and solution of certain formal, artistic problems and the consistent development and concentration of his inner self. In simple terms, Milne sought to reduce a painting to its essentials.

At the age of twenty-one, Milne left Canada to study art at the Art Student's League in New York from 1903-05. He supported himself by doing commercial design and painted in his spare time. In 1917, he joined the Canadian army and was sent to Europe. He returned to New York State for another ten years. In 1929, Milne returned permanently to Canada. Milne was strongly influenced by both American and French Impressionism, especially the work of Claude Monet and by Henri Matisse. Milne integrated these influences into his own special way of seeing and painting. He painted the simplest subjects - houses, barns, flowers, trees and still lifes - but it was the landscape that dominated much of his production.