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Jean-Marie Delavalle
Born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, 15 February 1944

Jean-Marie Delavalle

"I am always, and from the outset, interested by the various feelings that shapes or colours provoke in others. I play with the elements, the repetition, the colour and the shapes in order to obtain for myself the feelings that I want the viewer to experience". 1990

Jean-Marie Delavalle is interested in the how and the why of seeing and the making of the object. His work is concerned with the perception of colour, light, and reflections.

Since his student days in the early 1960s in Montréal, Delavalle has been determined to pursue an abstract practice. A native of France, he studied painting and sculpture at the École des beaux- arts in Montréal. Upon completing his studies in 1965, he devoted himself to making steel sculptures. The significance of Delavalle's work was recognized as early as 1967, in a group exhibition curated by Claude Tousignant at the Galerie du Siècle in Montréal and was reaffirmed in 1973, when he was brought to national attention in the exhibition entitled Boucherville, Montreal, Toronto, London.

Delavalle's early work was experimental and was concerned with process and the position of the viewer, the subject and the artist in relation to the work of art. He worked with various mixed media, including sound, photography and video. Delavalle's early experiments provided reference points for his later work Through the 1980s, Delavalle continued to play a role in the Montreal artistic community, showing both solo and in group venues and completing several commissions. In 1990, he was awarded the Quebec studio in Paris. He emerged from this period as a practitioner of abstraction, nourished by the conceptual orientation of his early work.

Although considered a sculptor, Delavalle crosses borders and his latest work seems more overtly related to painting than sculpture.