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A.Y. Jackson
Born in Montreal, Quebec, 03 October 1882
Died in Kleinburg, Ontario, 05 April 1974
Collection of the Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada

A.Y. Jackson

Alexander Young Jackson was born in Montreal in 1882, and became employed at the age of thirteen as an office boy in a lithography company. In 1905 he worked his way to Europe on a cattle boat, and after a short stay, moved to Chicago where he worked as a commercial artist. In 1907 he returned to Paris, studied two years at the Acadimie Julian, and was back in Montreal by 1909. Jackson's contact with the artists who would form the Group of Seven resulted from the exhibition of his 1910 painting The Edge of the Maple Wood, which was exhibited in Toronto the following year. Lawren Harris's offer to purchase the work led to Jackson's meeting the other artists, and eventually moving to Toronto in 1913. Jackson tells his story best in his colourful and entertaining autobiography, A Painter's Country.