See and Compare

Tommy Nuvaqirq, Whaling in the Cumberland Sound: 1930s, 1977and Agnes Nanogak Goose, Owl and Ptarmigan, 1980

The stencil technique is used in Inuit art since the 1950s. It is the simplest printmaking technique, and its visual effects can be both very subtle and highly sophisticated, as is the case in the artworks compared here.

To create a stencil, the artist cuts off forms in a sheet, according to the various shapes and colours desired. Then, he uses a brush to apply ink in the stencil holes. Colour texture and intensity vary according to the quantity of ink and the pressure applied.

Pangnirtung artists, like Nuvaqirq, published their first print collection in 1973. Through this technique, their works show exquisite complexity and fineness. Nanogak is a Holman artist, where a printing studio was established in 1965. She is especially interested in Inuit stories, legends and myths that she depicts with humour and mockery.