See and Compare

Pitseolak Ashoona, Summer Camp Scene, circa 1974 and Pudlo Pudlat, Winds of Change, circa 1983-1984

Drawings are very revealing of an artist's technique, of his hesitations as well as the sureness of a specific line. These elements are sometimes lost during the printmaking. Shadows created with fine pencil strokes are hard to preserve.

These two drawings were done with felt pens, which produce bright colours. Introduced in Cape Dorset in early 1967, felt pens were abandoned in the mid-1970s when the artists realized that colours were losing their brightness in a relatively short period of time when exposed to sunlight.

Finally, note that both artists do not observe the classical rules of perspective. Pitseolak compresses space; background and foreground are combined. In Pudlo's work, the size of objects could be surprising, like a plane being towed by a musk-ox?