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Joe Fafard

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In 1969, Fafard's approach to his practice changed. He began to look to himself, his past and his surrounding for subject matter. This in effect altered his subject matter and the mediums he used to realize his sculptures; one work, one subject, one medium, literally lead to the next. He began to create sculptures inspired by his community and farm life. Bull, was created from his memories as a child of the animals on the farm, it's format and size were also new to him. He found working in this larger scale appealing. Later he began to ask himself how much further could he push the materials, what kind of scale and slope could earthenware maintain? These questions lead to increasingly dramatic work where he played with flatness and illusion in a 3d space, of which the sculpture CÚzanne is an example. Later when Fafard realized earthenware could no longer support his intentions or experiments he changed mediums and began working in bronze.