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Lord Dalhousie and the Arts

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Charles Ramus Forrest painted both these works. How are these two paintings similar and how do they differ?

Both these works attest to Forrest's desire to record the uniqueness and the magic of the Canadian landscape. Both represent Forrest's unique poetic approach to the domesticated landscape: the shadows in the foreground of each painting indicate the position of the artist as he stood to sketch each work. The leaves and clouds in both paintings are presented in a very schematic manner. In both compositions the artist uses the trees to frame the composition, thus keeping our eyes traveling inside the paintings.

Both landscapes are highly structured with a strong focus on horizontal lines that help to create a mood of calm and peacefulness. Aerial perspective is also used to create a feeling of distance as the background hills fade in colour.

What is different in these two paintings?

The colours, the seasons, the light and time of day are different. Exact Resemblance of the Foliage of the Wood in Canada in October-November presents us with a view of a cool crisp autumn day while Quebec Taken from the House of James Caldwell presents us with an image of a summer evening