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The Group of Seven

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A.Y. Jackson, A Quebec Village, 1921 and A.J. Casson, Anglican Church at Magnetawan, 1933

These two works are good examples of the diversity that existed within the Group of Seven. People and the structures they built were also among the Group's favourite subjects, although they are less evident than landscapes. The rough touches of colour in A Quebec Village, by A. Y. Jackson, are in strong contrast to the stylized and defined technique employed by A. J. Casson in Anglican Church at Magnetawan . In Casson's work, the warm colours are bathed in sunlight and the sky is rather grey, while in Jackson's, the blue of the sky brightens a sunless winter day. The few shadows in Jackson's work are bluish in tone, whereas those in Casson's are dark and defined by a thin orange line. Moreover, in A Quebec Village, there are people - children tobogganing. Casson, on the other hand, depicts a peaceful village with no sign of human life.