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Donald Judd, Untitled, 1966-75 and Carl Andre, Lever, 1966

How similar are the works of Carl Andre and Donald Judd?

Andre and Judd both redefined sculpture as an art of space rather than mass. They both make sculptures out of modular, interchangeable units or standard industrial units, such as commonplace bricks or metal plates set out in simple geometric combinations. According to Andre his arrangements are essentially the simplest he could conceive of, given a material and a place.

Like Judd, he was interested in revealing the inherent properties of the material. Judd's designs for his wall and floor pieces consist of precise geometrical forms that are fabricated in metal and coloured plexi-glass. Like Andre, Judd was interested in the relationship between the whole object and the parts that make up the object. To avoid any ambiguity and not to detract from their unitary quality, Judd employed clearly defined forms. Like the work of Andre, each unit, although separated from each other, appears as a unified, indivisible whole.