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The Group of Seven

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Arthur Lismer, A September Gale, Georgian Bay, 1921 and Lawren Harris, Maligne Lake, Jasper Park, 1924

The rhythm of nature can be expressed in different ways: it can be energetic and colourful or harmonious and monochrome. Using powerful brushwork and vivid colours in A September Gale, Georgian Bay, Arthur Lismer has captured the intensity of a storm. The spontaneous impastos and the rounded forms of the elements reflect the moods of a strong, trubulent wind. The bent grass in the foreground, the waves and the windswept trees on the islands in the distance easily express the movement generated by the unsettled weather. Lawren Harris, on the other hand, takes us into a landscape where a monochromatic colour scheme and stillness suggest a mirror. The serenity of Maligne Lake, Jasper Park communicates only the essential forms of a nature whose rhythm is simplified and stylized, unlike that presented by Lismer. The careful application of monochrome colours adds further balance to the scene.