Teachers Lesson Plans

Urban Panorama: Grade 7-8


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Outdoor photography session During the outdoor session, ask your students to identify their subject. The purpose of the activity is to document the subject by creating a panorama consisting of several photographs. A simple way of carrying out the activity is to ask the student to choose and assume a position in front of his subject. The first photo is taken in this position. Then the student remains in the same place, rotates slightly to the right or left and takes another photograph. He continues taking photos until he has rotated 360 degrees around his own axis. These photographs, mounted in a collage, will create a panorama. This method can be adapted according to various needs or to encourage experimentation. For example, the students could divide a skyscraper into several different sections and take multiple photographs that are slightly offset from one another. Once the activity has been completed, the digital photographs are printed or the students develop the film at the photography centre.

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Collage It?s time for collage and creativity! Ask the students to mount the photographs they have taken on a cardboard support to produce a panorama. Each student chooses an interesting way of presenting his photos. Are the links between the photos invisible or obvious? Can repetition of the same element be observed? The students select and assemble their photos according to principles of composition (balance, repetition, rhythm, proportion). If the students wish, they can add text to their collage and thereby emphasize certain aspects of their subject or the process of creation.

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Discussion The group now has a chance to admire the works they have created and to comment on them. Encourage the students to talk about their own works and those of their classmates. What are the differences and similarities between the different subjects chosen and the mounting techniques used?