Teachers Lesson Plans

Build a City of the Future!: Grade 4-6


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On the chalkboard, sketch out a plan of your class' city of the future based on city "blocks" (40 x 40cm boards) for the number of students in the class. Be sure that each city block contains some residential and/or commercial property and 1-2 elements that are necessary to the whole city. Discuss with the class where roads and green spaces should go.

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Distribute the "blocks" to each student. (If the blocks are numbered on the back, they will be easy to replace in their original ordered plan). Each student should know that they are including residential/commercial property and the 1-2 elements decided upon by the group.

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Have students paint the roads, green spaces, etc. that are in the plan.

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Ask the students to use the various materials at their disposal to create buildings and other 3-D structures. They can cut up these elements, add pieces to them, and use the modelling clay and paint. Then, using their imagination, students glue the 3-D structures that will constitute their future city onto their city "block" (board).

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At the end, help students join the individual "blocks" to form their city of the future.