Teachers Lesson Plans

How do you Feel?: Grade K-3

Take it Further

Here are some variations on the activity which can be done with older groups who can benefit from the challenge:

  • During the photography session, play around with the lighting to create effects and accentuate certain emotions. For example, lighting a face from below generally makes a frightening impression and could be used to express anger. A little challenge: is it possible to create a happy photograph using lighting from below, under the model?s chin? Try out the experiment.
  • Introduce concepts of composition and framing in photography. Using a viewfinder (a small cardboard frame or slide mount), half the class can frame the gestures and expressions of the students who are miming emotions. What will be included in the photo frame?
  • Make the activity more complicated by adding the element of colour. Take expressions like seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, looking white as a sheet, being green with envy, feeling blue etc. as points of departure for the photographs.
  • This activity is also an ideal opportunity to introduce documentary photography, the photographer?s choices and the concepts of true and false. Remind them that they were pretending during the photo session. They invented a situation. Will this subject of discussion cause them to question their way of looking at the photographic images that surround us? Do those photographs always represent reality?