Teachers Lesson Plans

Urban Panorama: Grade 7-8

Take it Further

This activity could be followed by another photo session in which you ask the students to document a subject from all points of view (full face, from above, from below, from the side, etc.).

The students could create a sequence of images to be used to tell a story. Particular objects, either found or brought in by the students, are put in context in the environment to create a narrative. The students could make booklets to present the photographs they have taken.

In small groups, ask the students to create a work exploring the concepts of time and framing. How can they produce an image of the passage of time, the presence of the photographer behind the camera, and the importance of framing, as well as the choices offered to the photographer? For example, the exposure time and the time of day the photograph was taken could be noted on each of the photos in the work.

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