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My Own Blanket: Grade K-3


After exploring different artworks by contemporary Canadian aboriginal artists, the students will use a variety of techniques to create an artwork that includes both symmetry and asymmetry.


The students will be able to identify and recognize different design elements (line, space, shape) and design principles, with particular attention to symmetry and asymmetry in the composition of their artwork.


The students will produce a work of art that communicates ideas and/or emotions related to their personal history.


The students will describe the design elements and design principles used in the artworks to communicate ideas and/or emotions.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores concepts in the following subject areas: Canadian studies, history and geography, and English.


3 20-minute sessions

  • Session 1: Discussion of the suggested artworks, sketches
  • Session 2: Creation of the artwork
  • Session 3: Presentation of the artwork, discussion