Teachers Lesson Plans

Who are you?: Grade 9-12


From the outset, photographers have been interested in creating self-portraits. In this activity, the students will create a double self-portrait with mirrors and will use them in a photomontage. In doing so, they will explore their identity and come to understand themselves better. Subsequently, they will write an information label that will explain their choice of materials and the meaning of their image. They will thereby develop their creative and critical skills and their understanding of the importance of light and composition in photography.


The student will demonstrate his understanding of the theme of the self-portrait in the history of photography by identifying techniques used and key periods in the history of photography, and by referring to artists to support his statements.


Using the photomontage technique, the student will produce a self-portrait that reflects his experiences, his interests and his social and cultural environment.


The student will analyze the function of a self-portrait by doing research and writing texts as part of the process of creation and will make connections between art and identity.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson also explores the following subject areas: history and English.


4 to 6 40-minute sessions