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The World Around Me: Grade 7-8


Joe Fafard is a sculptor best known for creating objects, which pay homage to, and take inspiration from, his community, and farm life. He is equally well know for his intricate sculptures of individuals, be they artists, writers, theorists, politicians, strangers or friends. In this lesson students will define and describe with reference to art works the principles of design (emphasis, balance, rhythm, unity, variety, proportion) and produce an artwork of personal significance.


The student?s choice of medium will demonstrate an understanding that the size, scope and intent of an artwork will determine which tools, materials and techniques the artist will use.


Students will use with confidence experiences from their physical environments as a basis for visual expression.


Students will use appropriate art vocabulary and terminology related to materials, processes and technologies.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the subject areas of Language Arts, Social Studies and Humanities.


4 40-minute periods, plus home work (5 hours of observation)