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Putting aerial perspective into practice: Grade 4-6


Part of the basic training given to the military cadets at the Woolwich Military Academy in England consisted of copying from drawings. This exercise taught the cadets the effect of light and shade and helped them to become acquainted with aerial perspective. The procedure was as follows: first, the principle components of the drawing were lightly sketched in lead pencil. Pen and ink were then used to outline the forms. Light shades of watercolour were then added to set off the drawing. The whole composition was built around a central vanishing point, with figures added to give life to the architectural structures. The final work provided the students with a composition grid that could be applied to a new site.

After showing the students the landscapes in the Lord Dalhousie Lesson Plan, they will study aerial perspective and follow the training methods that were used at the Military Academy in Woolwich to create a landscape.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the expressive qualities of aerial perspective.


Students will use aerial perspective as a principle of design to solve artistic problems.


Students will use appropriate vocabulary and art terminology.

Cross Curriculum Links:

Language Arts, English language, History, Geography


2 60-minute sessions