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The ideal trophy: Grade 7-8


In 1787 Laurent Amiot, after studying in Paris, returned to Québec City, the centre of silver production in Canada after the British conquest of 1759-60. He introduced to the Canadian market the newly popular Louis XVI style and its neoclassical characteristics of elegant shapes and limited decoration. Smooth surfaces were sometimes engraved with gentle designs.

After showing the students the Taylor Cup, an example of presentation silver in the Lord Dalhousie Lesson Plan, they will create a trophy for their Club or favourite team using the principles of classical design such as proportion and balance.


Students will learn how the principles of design are used to create an area of emphasis and to create proportion and balance.


Students will organize their artwork to create a specific effect, using balance and proportion.


Students will explain their preference for a specific art- work, and make reference to the artist?s use of the principles of design and their understanding of the ideas and feelings expressed in the work.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the subject areas of English language/ History/ Geography.


2 60-minute sessions