Teachers Lesson Plans

How do you Feel?: Grade K-3

Look and Discuss

Dorothea Lange?s photograph Migrant Mother will serve as a point of departure for this activity. Encourage your students to interpret this photograph. Who are the people in the photograph? How are they dressed? What story can we invent about this photo? Encourage your students to express their comments and observations about the concrete visual components of the photo and thus lead them to notice the way the people in the photo are posed, in what direction the mother is looking, the clothing, the wrinkles on the mother?s face, etc. Only the mother?s face and expression are visible. Is it possible to tell how the children are feeling without seeing their faces?

Use school photographs and photos taken from magazines to help the students observe similarities and differences (colour, pose, facial expression). A school photograph generally shows a child staring at the camera, smiling and dressed in his best clothes. How do you feel when you look at a school photo? How do you feel when you look at the photograph by Dorothea Lange? What emotion can be seen on the mother?s face? What emotion can be seen on the face of the student in the school photo? After your discussion, the class will begin a photography activity on the topic of emotions.