Teachers Lesson Plans

Build a City of the Future!: Grade 4-6

Look and Discuss

Present and discuss a selection of the 10 featured artworks in the Artwork & Artists slideshow with your class. (Tabs will provide you with information on the theme, composition, interpretation and the artist.) A downloadable Presentation that you can add to or manipulate will also help share these images in your classroom.

  • Look at the artworks with students and ask them to describe the types of city the images represent.
  • Have students discuss what elements an ideal city needs, based on their understanding of social, historical and cultural contexts. Encourage them to take inspiration from their environments and from their imagination. List those elements. (Make sure that roads, green spaces, waterways, etc. are represented.) Elements could include aspirations for the future; for example a filling station for flying cars.
  • The concepts of size and scale are important for this activity if all the ?blocks? are to fit together at the end.