Teachers Lesson Plans

Photographic Links

Grade K-3

How do you Feel?:
Through photography, the students will explore emotions and moods and become aware that a photograph expresses ideas and feelings and generates certain emotions in the person looking at it. An introduction to the expressive character of photography?

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Grade 4-6

Being a Photojournalist:
The students will develop a photo story for their school on a subject determined ahead of time. Through this activity, they will discover that it is possible to transmit a message in photographs by thinking about and using elements and principles of composition.

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Grade 7-8

Urban Panorama:
The students will discover their environment through the lens of a camera. They will learn the importance of framing and composition in photography and will explore concepts of time and space by assembling photographs on the theme of the city.

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Grade 9-12

Who are you?:
From the outset, photographers have been interested in creating self-portraits. In this activity, the students will create a double self-portrait with mirrors and will use them in a photomontage. In doing so, they will explore their identity and come to understand themselves better. Subsequently, they will write an information label that will explain their choice of materials and the meaning of their image. They will thereby develop their creative and critical skills and their understanding of the importance of light and composition in photography.

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