In Canada, we proudly display the red in our flag. Reds and oranges characterize our autumn landscape. Many artworks consider significant moments in the history of Canada.

Red in the Canadian Imagination presents two perspectives on the 1759 battle on the Plains of Abraham, one an early celebration of military heroism, and the other a modern native reinterpretation of this pivotal historic moment. Two mid-century works provide tributes to the national landscape and create an iconography from the wilderness and the farm. A 1967 work brings together the country's centenary celebration and the 1960s perspective of women in the reinvention of Canadian art.

Benjamin West The Death of General Wolfe 1770

Robert Houle Kanata, 1992 © R.Houle


L L. FitzGerald Red Barn, 1934


Joyce Wieland Confedspread, 1967


A. Y. Jackson The Red Maple, 1914 © Courtesy of Dr. Naomi Jackson Groves