Red demands attention, whether it's the uniform of the Canadian Mounties or a bouquet of red roses. Cultural associations such as these, coupled with the physical property of red advancing in our perception, give it a dramatic effect, like a stimulant.

In this section, red is intensified through its monochromatic application in Claude Tousignant's flat one-colour painting and through non-traditional associations like Gathie Falk's line-up of boots, all red, in glossy ceramic.

Claude Tousignant Monochrome Crimson, 1981 © Claude Tousignant

F. H. Varley Gypsy Head, 1919 Reproduced courtesy of Estate of Kathleen G. McKay

Gathie Falk Eight Red Boots, 1973

Louise Bourgeois Friendly Evidence, 1949 © Louise Bourgeois


Tony Cragg
Red S, 1983