Canadian Painting in the Thirties

Interview: Fritz Brandtner

Interview with Mitzi Brandtner (Wife of artist Fritz Brandtner)
Hill, Charles C.
National Gallery of Canada
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Interview with Mitzi Brandtner, 12 September 1973, in preparation for the National Gallery of Canada's 1975 exhibition Canadian Painting in the Thirties. All interviews for the exhibition were conducted by Charles C. Hill, curator of the exhibition and Assistant Curator of Post Confederation Art. Between 1972-1974, Hill accumulated over 50 hours of audiotape interviews with the artists, their colleagues, friends or family members. Written transcriptions in English and French are available in PDF format for all audio recordings.

Permission to publish this interview was granted by the rights holder. This interview was recorded while conducting research and the information it provides should be verified. The interview is presented as it was originally recorded with fluctuating sound levels and ambient noises and it may contain offensive language.

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