Canadian Painting in the Thirties

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30s Clothes Featured at '30s Art Exhibit
Edmonton Journal
30 Aug 1975

An article announcing the opening of the Canadian Painting in the Thirties exhibition at the Edmonton Art Gallery, organized by the National Gallery of Canada. Guests will be dressed in the style of the 1930s and jazz musician Big Miller will provide entertainment for the opening. The exhibition traces the development of painting during the 1930s, beginning with the landscapes of the Group of Seven and later the Canadian Group of Painters. Edwin Holgate, Lilias Torrance Newton and Prudence Heward explored the figure as a subject. Emily Carr, Frederick Varley and Jock MacDonald were painting in B.C. John Lyman, having worked with Matisse, introduced European styles to Goodridge Roberts and Paul-╔mile Borduas, founders of the Contemporary Art Society. The works of A.Y. Jackson, Emily Carr, David Milne, John Lyman, Paraskeva Clark and Goodridge Roberts are included in the exhibition. Charles C. Hill, Assistant Curator of Post-Confederation Art at the National Gallery of Canada organized the show. An exhibition of J.D. Turner, friend of the Group of Seven, is presented in conjunction with this exhibition.


Images of the exhibition's installation, the opening ceremony and official visits.

Media Coverage

Almost 200 newspaper and magazine articles in English, French and other languages: reviews, details of the Canadian tour, lectures, films and special events.


Audio clip of curator Charles Hill interviewed by CBC's Carol Bishop. Includes Pierre Trudeau's opening speech.

NFB Film

Derek May's 1977 documentary Pictures From the 1930s looks at the exhibition in the context of the Depression, with newsreel footage of the day.