Canadian Painting in the Thirties

The 1975 exhibition: Ottawa Exhibition

PM at Art Party
The Globe and Mail
03 Feb 1975

Permission from the Globe and Mail

An article by society columnist Zena Cherry about some of the people associated with the National Gallery of Canada?s exhibition Canadian Painting in the Thirties. Among the Torontonians who have lent paintings to the exhibition are Mrs. Charles Band, Morley Callaghan, Paraskeva Clark, Isabel McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Manford, Mr. and Mrs. Max Merkur and Mrs. Carl Schaefer. Lenders from across Canada include Dr. and Mrs. Albert Fell, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Humphrey, Louis Muhlstock, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Nichols, Frank Sobey, John H. Creighton, Mrs. Leslie Kerr and Stuart Wallace. Guests at the opening reception were received by Prime Minister and Mrs. Pierre Trudeau, Robert Hubbard, Deputy Director of the Gallery, and George Ignatieff, Provost of Trinity College, Toronto and Chairman of the Board of National Museums [sic]. Charles Hill, Assistant Curator of Post-Confederation Art, organized the exhibition. Born in Ottawa, he studied at McGill University and the University of Toronto, and taught at the Ontario College of Art. A longtime member of the Canadian gay liberation movement, Hill has worked with the Community Homophile Association of Toronto and Gays of Ottawa.


Images of the exhibition's installation, the opening ceremony and official visits.

Media Coverage

Almost 200 newspaper and magazine articles in English, French and other languages: reviews, details of the Canadian tour, lectures, films and special events.


Audio clip of curator Charles Hill interviewed by CBC's Carol Bishop. Includes Pierre Trudeau's opening speech.

NFB Film

Derek May's 1977 documentary Pictures From the 1930s looks at the exhibition in the context of the Depression, with newsreel footage of the day.