Canadian Painting in the Thirties

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Arte E Pittura
CIAO Magazine
21 Mar 1975

An Italian article announcing the opening of Canadian Painting in the Thirties by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and organized by the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. The exhibition explores the development of painting in Canada during the 1930s, from a nationalist Toronto-based art scene to an internationalist Montreal school. The Vancouver Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Glenbow Art Institute of Calgary, the Edmonton Art Gallery, the Saskatoon Art Gallery and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art have provided works from their collections. Charles Hill, Assistant Curator at the National Gallery of Canada organized the exhibition and produced a bilingual illustrated catalogue, which includes photographic documentation of the artists. The exhibition and catalogue trace the search for new theories and trends in the development of Canadian art in the 1930s, from the Group of Seven and the Canadian Group of Painters. This stream of development continues throughout this century in Canadian painting. The show includes works of art by David Milne, Charles Comfort, Carl Schaefer, Paraskeva Clark, Jean Paul Lemieux and Bertram Brooker as well as artists belonging to the Montreal groups. The article also sketches the development of Canadian painting from 1870 to the present, citing prominent Canadian artists who sought new values, including Antoine Plamondon, Théophile Hamel, Cornelius Krieghoff, Paul Kane, Allan Edson, John A. Fraser, Lucius O?Brien, James Wilson Morrice, Ozias Leduc, Paul-Émile Borduas, Alfred Pellan, Guido Molinari, Fernand Leduc, Jack Shadbolt, J.W.G. MacDonald, Jean-Philippe Dallaire and Alex Colville.


Images of the exhibition's installation, the opening ceremony and official visits.

Media Coverage

Almost 200 newspaper and magazine articles in English, French and other languages: reviews, details of the Canadian tour, lectures, films and special events.


Audio clip of curator Charles Hill interviewed by CBC's Carol Bishop. Includes Pierre Trudeau's opening speech.

NFB Film

Derek May's 1977 documentary Pictures From the 1930s looks at the exhibition in the context of the Depression, with newsreel footage of the day.