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Orchard View, Late Spring: Vitis vinifera, Wisteria

Scott McFarland
Canadian, born 1975

Orchard View, Late Spring: Vitis vinifera, Wisteria, 2004
Chromogenic print
Purchased 2005

The garden, as a combination of human and natural efforts, is a creation of delicate balance. Even the failed or abandoned garden retains elements of the care that went into its making. The careful crafting of nature that the garden represents is echoed in Vancouver photographer Scott McFarland’s construction of the image. Not only does he use a large format camera, and thus maintain strict control of framing and composition, he can sometimes use up to 30 colour negatives to create an image. The final view, therefore, is a composite of carefully assembled shots, taken at different points in time that are digitally merged into one seamless image.